You have to hurry up if you want to see something, everything disappears. (Paul Cezanne)

Daniel Anhut Fotografie

Reflections, Part 2

I am often asked how I got into photography or how long I have been doing this kind of artistic photography. Photography as a medium has interested me very much since my early youth, but for a long time rather as an opportunity to capture private moments (family, travel, ...). It wasn't until around 2014 that I began to gradually discover photography as a creative medium, as an opportunity to tell something, regardless of whether I capture random moments or create them myself.

Like my family, I would describe my childhood and youth as being somewhat far from art. There were few artistic influences at that time that could have affected me. So at first I hardly developed a closer, more personal relationship to any form of art. I was happy when I could capture beautiful memories on photos, but I knew no way to express myself artistically. Looking back, I think I could have needed art well back then to express the unspeakable and find a voice while enduring some hard times.

Apart from art and music lessons during school time, I never enjoyed an artistic education. I have worked out almost everything on my own in recent years. It wasn't easy to find the time and energy to do it alongside family and work. To be honest, sometimes I look a little envious at people who grew up with art, who have an artistic education and thus much more foundation for their work, where everything seems so purposeful, meaningful and reasonable. Sometimes I feel like I'm just simulating being an artist while others are to the core.

Anyway, it is a tremendous liberation for me to suddenly have an opportunity to express thoughts and feelings for which I have rarely been able to find a language. It is up to the viewer whether it is to be regarded as art or not, for me it is in any case the language I have been looking for for more than three decades and which I hope will not be silenced again.

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