You have to hurry up if you want to see something, everything disappears. (Paul Cezanne)

Daniel Anhut Fotografie

Changing directions

Recently I had the first shooting of the year and I couldn't have imagined a better start. On the one hand, because I had two people in front of the camera who I like very much and I'm happy that they gave me their trust for what I consider to be some very special shots. On the other hand, because these shots show me in which direction I want to go this year. I would like to put even more focus on the people in front of the camera, with all their curves, edges and quirks, the inner and the outer ones.

I notice that I want to reduce my pictures more and more to the essential, the people themselves, to their unique beauty and personality. Yes, that sounds kitschy, but this is how I see it. Even in the larger scenes and stories that I like to stage and photograph, I try to leave out more and more things that are actually rather unnecessary and distracting. It's not always easy to resist all the ideas and possibilities, but I think I get better and better at it. 

 And that is why I am so happy that Dana let me capture her in this way. So pure and authentic as she was sitting in front of me at that moment. That a light rain started at the same moment was a great bonus.

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