You have to hurry up if you want to see something, everything disappears. (Paul Cezanne)

Daniel Anhut Fotografie

Virtual Retrospective

Since all my plans for setting up a new "real" exhibition this year have been spoiled so far by well known reasons i decided to go virtual on KUNSTMATRIX. Of course, a virtual exhibition cannot replace the experience of real pictures on real walls, nor can it replace personal contact, but it is definitely an interesting way to experience my art more directly and intensively in a safe setting from your home. And from anywhere in the world. I hope this exhibition is a welcome change in these strange and uncertain times.

This virtual exhibition will be expanded into a retrospective with selected works from the period 2014-2019. To get updates on upcoming rooms and other related stuff, you can check my event on Facebook.

Room One: The Sound of Silence

Room Two: Absence and Shadows

Stay tuned!

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